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Oak yoga mat hanger


An initial idea of Felicidade yoga mats was: creating eco-premium yoga mats that lead to happy practice but also beautiful yoga mats that you would like to hang on the wall. 

To match the artistic potential of our yoga mats, we are proud to announce we have created their wooden holders, to display the beauty of our mats and fill the space with the tranquil energy of the yoga practice.

After a beautifully creative process of research for the best form and function, here they are: Wooden hangers specially made to fit Felicidade yoga mats. Handmade in Amsterdam by furniture designer and architect Gabriel Benninghaus. 

This limited edition of wooden hangers can be ordered solely with the purchase of a Felicidade yoga mat. At this moment the hangers can’t be ordered separately unless to accompany your previously purchased Felicidade yoga mat.

Our interiors show our personality. As a yogi isn’t it great to hang your beautiful yoga mat on the wall? With this special handmade wooden hanger, this is possible! Felicidade yoga mat brings warmth and color to your room and it gives you the motivation to sign-up for your next yoga class.

Design is a minimalistic, Scandinavian style.

You can use this yoga mat hanger with both our thick and thin/travel yoga mat.



Round handmade wooden hanger cut in two. (oak wood, medium-light color)

2 brass screws

2 wooden hooks (in the same wood and size as a hanger)

Plugs for the wall


Any questions or suggestions, just send an email to


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