After every use, simply spray it with some water and wipe it with a cloth, then hang it to dry.

If mats get dirtier, you can wash it in the shower with a small amount of (cold/slightly warm)water and hang it to dry. It dries fast. Gently roll up with a towel, to squeeze excess water.

Even dirtier: You can wash these mats in the washing machine using a cold-water (delicate wash/wool) setting, without detergent or softener. Then hang it to dry. Please never put in the dryer.

Please don’t expose Felicidade mat to direct sunlight for a long period.
Like leaving it in the car, close to the window for a long period.

Please don’t break it in with sea salt. This method is used for another (pvc) yoga mats. I you do it on Felicidade mat it can damage grip layer. And we don’t want that.

Please don’t clean Felicidade mat with vinegar-based yoga mat wash. We recommend washing it with water only or yoga mat all-purpose wash but it shouldn't be any vinegar in it.


Have fun with Felicidade mat!