Studio Felicidade

Blue moon 🌑 Tote bag


Multiple purpose tote bag,

Screen printed and sewed in Amsterdam.

Material: White heavy canvas from organic cotton 430gr/m2, GOTS standard, made from 100% Aegean (Turkish) organic cotton

Print: represents the moon as a graphic abstract form, radiant geometric round with dark blue (indigo color) on a white/light cream bag. 

Screen printed in Amsterdam with Livos natural colors that are made from mineral pigments.

Print can vary slightly from one to another, which makes each piece unique.

On the streets of Amsterdam, I saw so many people carrying their yoga mats in the tote bag.

 As I love tote bags, wanted to create an easy tote for multiple purposes, yet strong, with well-selected textile, eco-friendly, and a tote that is locally made and looks cool.

Yoga bag, shopping bag, school bag, casual bag, mama bag, flower bag.😚

Size 46cm H x 36X 10

60 cm strap

Hand wash

This tote is fashionable and sustainable.

Limited edition.


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